Meet the African wild dogs of Savé Valley Conservancy… and join our pack!

As a small team of passionate conservationists, the AWCF team have a unique insight into the social dynamics of the African wild dogs living within Savé Valley Conservancy. We are incredibly lucky to observe these endangered animals up close and personal, and we invite you into their lives too!

Straight from the cameras of our remarkable scouts who track each pack through the conservancy, we share with you exclusive photos of the packs, the first emergence of their new puppies from their dens and let you know all about their explorations, challenges, and triumphs.

Supporting us from as little as $10/£10 per month, you can make an impact on the future of this endangered species by contributing to AWCF’s conservation programmes, keeping African wild dogs protected and giving them the very best chance of survival.

Let us introduce you to our packs…

For the adventurous… Imposter Pack

The newest pack to form in Savé Valley Conservancy is Imposter Pack who came together just last year in June 2022. Imitating another pack by frequenting their den at night time, our scouts were able to distinguish that these were different dogs and soon, two of the females from Festive Pack, jumped ship to bond with Imposter males.

Adopt Imposter Pack to hear the full story of their rise to dominance and keep up to date with their unpredictable adventures. The future looks bright for this young pack!

For the extraordinary… Gentlemen Pack

Gentlemen Pack are the charmers of Savé Valley Conservancy formed from two long-standing packs coming together. Their alpha female, Ray, is one of the longest living wild dogs recorded in the conservancy! A smaller pack than the others, they make their mark by traversing the hiller terrain and look exquisite as they look out over the landscape of Zimbabwe.

Our scouts and researchers are keeping a close eye on this pack to see what their next moves might be with an aging alpha dominant pair – stay up to date by adopting them today!

For the mischievous… Nova Pack

Short for Cassanova, the wild dogs of Nova Pack came together in a remarkable way. After 17 male dogs dispersed from a pack, they wandered immense distances before stealing away three females from three different packs! These cheeky dogs enjoy hiding in the bush and keep our scouts on their toes, chasing their tracks across Savé Valley Conservancy.

Adopt the pack and you can follow the antics of the Nova boys, including alpha male Snoop, who at 8 years old and one of the original ‘wandering males’ still remains top dog of the pack!

For the family… Chapungu Pack

Our scouts love to visit Chapungu Pack – they are a firm favourite within the AWCF team and at 21 wild dogs there is always something interesting going on with them. The 10 adults, led by alpha female Brie, are a true family and are exceptional at working together to raise their 11 puppies. They continue to impress us with an 80-90% puppy survival rate, a testament to their bonds!

Adopting Chapungu Pack will give you a rare insight into the dynamics our largest pack and follows the family fun as they bathe in the Savé river, relax in the open mopane woodland and play together in the shade of gigantic baobab trees.

So, which pack will you choose to follow? Adopt them HERE and join our pack today!

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