Community Projects

AWCF understands that conservation and environmentally-sensitive behaviour can be a luxury when you don’t have enough food to provide for your family.

Unfortunately, the reality of the areas in which we work is that the vast majority of people live below the poverty line. Whilst fundamental policy change is needed to address this, in the meantime, the AWCF team works with communities at grass roots level to help in whatever ways we can.

Our various community projects include:

  • Fence Guardian Program
  • Vocational Training Scheme
  • Human Wildlife Coexistence Support
  • Solar Powered Community Libraries
  • Free Rabies Vaccinations for Domestic Dogs
  • Support for Cultural Fairs & Special Occasions
  • A Water Project to Provide Running Water to a Clinic & Homes
  • Covid-19 Resources to 8 Clinics

Through these projects we provide employment, improved food security through reduced human wildlife conflict, skills to establish small businesses, learning opportunity for self-empowerment, clean running water and topical urgent necessities.

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