How will you explain that African Wild Dogs are gone forever?
Adopt an African Wild Dog Pack from just US$10 per month and help save a species on the edge of extinction

We have four packs for you to choose from.
These are four of only 650 African Wild Dog packs left in the whole world.

FAQ’s about our African Wild Dog adoption program

You will receive a personalised adoption certificate, a Pack Portfolio full of stories, photos and fun facts about your pack, a digital subscription to AWCF’s bi-annual newsletter and spontaneous field updates about your African Wild Dog pack. 

Your money goes towards our field based conservation efforts, working to secure the long-term survival of the world’s last remaining Wild Dogs in the wild. Click here to read more about these incredible animals. 

Yes, the minimum amount is $10, but you can adopt a pack using any amount you choose. Click the adopt now button and enter your own amount in the adoption form. 

Yes! Our beautiful pack portfolio is designed to print beautifully to make a perfect gift that is both inspirational and educational.  And oh-so-much better than more plastic! To Adopt a Pack as a gift, all you need to do is add the recipient’s name and address in the correct area of the adoption form. 

It’s that easy!