Mbungo Pack

Formed in October 2014 Size – Adults – 10, Pups – 9 Alpha Female – Double C Their Story Mbungo is one of our largest and longest-standing packs with the most remarkable alpha female, Double C, now 9 years old!  The pack lives in insecure habitat and has faced huge challenges from poachers’ wire snares, […]

Festive Pack

Formed in January 2017 Size – Adults – 6, Pups – 4 Alpha Female – Schweppes Their Story Festive Pack – true to their name – is a real celebration of everything that is special about African wild dogs. They are a spectacularly beautiful pack, with so many incredibly marked individuals they reminded us of […]

Nova Pack

Formed in June 2016 Size – Adults – 5, Pups – 2 Alpha Female – Spades Their Story Short for ‘Casanova’ this pack is a bachelor’s dream pack! The pack formed when a wandering group of 17 (clearly very attractive ;-)) male dogs managed to entice some females away from three different packs to form […]

Chapungu Pack

Formed in May 2017 Size – Adults – 10, Pups – 3 Alpha Female – Brie Their Story Chapungu Pack is one of our most well-loved and well visited packs. They are relaxed around vehicles and at 13 dogs (10 adults and 3 pups) an encounter with the Chapungu Pack will never be forgotten. During […]