Gentlemen Pack

Formed in October 2019 Adults – 7, Pups – 2 Alpha Female – Ray Their Story Named after an extraordinary league of gentlemen, Gentlemen Pack is without a doubt charming! Formed in 2019, when two long-standing packs combined, Gentlemen Pack has some of the stalwart wild dogs of the Savé Valley Conservancy. This includes their … Read more

Imposter Pack

Formed in June 2022 Adults – 8 Alpha Female – Currently Contested Their Story Imposter Pack is our newest pack in the Savé Valley Conservancy, formed in June 2022, but the story of their union is one peppered with suspense and excitement.We first caught a glimpse of Imposter Pack when they started frequently visiting the … Read more

Nova Pack

Formed in June 2016 Adults – 9, Pups – 11 Alpha Female – Eclair Their Story Short for ‘Casanova’ this pack is a bachelor’s dream pack! The pack formed when a wandering group of 17 (clearly very attractive ;-)) male dogs managed to entice some females away from three different packs to form a large … Read more

Chapungu Pack

Formed in May 2017 Adults – 11, Pups – 10 Alpha Female – Brie Their Story Chapungu Pack is one of our most well-loved and well visited packs. They are relaxed around vehicles and at 20 wild dogs an encounter with the Chapungu Pack will never be forgotten. During the denning season when their pups … Read more