• Rosemary Groom, PhD
    Conservation Biologist
    Field Projects Coordinator

    Rosemary is a wildlife ecologist and conservationist who grew up in Zimbabwe. Rosemary earned her doctorate in zoology from the University of Bristol (UK) and has thirteen years of experience working on conservation-related research in Kenya, Botswana and Zimbabwe. Rosemary has been managing the AWCF field projects in south-east Zimbabwe since 2008, and is employed by the Frankfurt Zoological Society to coordinate the Gonarezhou Predator Project.

    Rosemary Groom’s Publications


  • Jess Watermeyer, MSc
    Conservation Biologist
    Assistant Project Manager

    Jess graduated with her M.Sc. in Zoology in 2012 from Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa. She is passionate about wildlife conservation with a focus on scientific research. For her M.Sc. research, Jess assessed the overall attitudes of landowners bordering the Kruger National Park, South Africa, to the dispersal of free-ranging African wild dogs, with the aims of identifying conflict areas and suggesting management strategies to diffuse high-risk situations and reduce human-persecution of the carnivores. Her post graduate studies and work experience has focussed on large carnivore conservation, particularly that of African wild dogs, and she has been working with AWCF in the Zimbabwean Lowveld since May 2013.


  • Victor Chibaya, BSc
    Community Liaison Officer

    Victor is a young man interested in wildlife conservation through community education campaigns. He did his BSc in Forestry Resources and Wildlife Management at Zimbabwe’s National University of Science and Technology in 2010. His main interests are in community education and human-wildlife conflict mitigation. Victor runs the education and outreach programs for AWCF and his wonderful commitment to the job and enthusiasm for educating students and supporting teachers is unparalleled.


  • Nobesuthu Ngwenya, BSc
    Attachment Student

    Nobesuthu is a young Zimbabwean who did her advanced level at Mtshabezi High school in 2009. She has recently completed her BSc in Forestry Resources and Wildlife Management at Zimbabwe’s National University of Science and Technology, achieving an Upper Second-Class degree. Her interests are in the conservation of wild dogs and the mitigation of anthropogenic factors affecting their biology. She did her attachment year with the AWCF field team in 2013, and has shown great interest in returning to work with AWCF in the future. We look forward to welcoming her back.

  • Sydney Dube
    Attachment Student

    Sydney is a young man who was also educated at Mtshabezi high school, and is currently studying for his BSc in Forest Resources and Wildlife Management with the National University of Science and Technology in Zimbabwe. He aspires to be a researcher focusing primarily on the conservation of African carnivores, which are declining at a fast rate due to habitat loss caused by human encroachment. He is currently spending the third year of his course attached to the AWCF, and is hoping to gain some good work experience with the AWCF team.

  • Golden Mukaro
    Attachment Student

    Golden earned a Diploma in Education at Masvingo Teachers College, and he has worked for the Ministry of Education Sport and Culture, Zimbabwe for five years. He is now a third year student studying a B.Sc. in Forest Resources and Wildlife Management at National University of Science and Technology in Zimbabwe. Currently he is attached to the AWCF, where he wishes to gain work experience. He is interested in addressing major conservation threats to African wild dogs through community education.

  • Rueben Bote
    Wildlife Tracker and Head Scout

    Rueben is an exceptional wildlife tracker from a community close the western border of Savé Valley Conservancy (SVC) in Zimbabwe. Rueben began his employment in 1992 tracking endangered black rhinos in SVC. In 1996, Rueben began working for the Lowveld Wild Dog Project, and now has 16 years of experience with the project. Rueben is head scout and his responsibilities include locating wild dog packs through a combination of spoor tracking and radio telemetry, assisting in spoor surveys, collecting data on bushmeat poaching, and assisting with wild dog immobilizations.

  • Misheck Matari
    Wildlife Tracker

    Misheck is also a skilled wildlife tracker, hailing from a village neighboring Savé Valley Conservancy. Misheck began his employment with the Lowveld Wild Dog Project in 2001 and has worked with the project ever since. In addition to his work on wild dogs, Misheck has also tracked radio-collared lions and other wildlife species, assisted with spoor surveys, carried out questionnaire surveys and still assists with data collection for AWCF’s bushmeat trade study.

  • Cain Kodzevhu
    Wildlife Tracker

    Cain joined the AWCF field team in May 2012 and has gone from strength to strength. He comes from a village about 80km from the Savé Valley Conservancy, and although he had little previous experience in wildlife tracking when he joined us, he has learned fast and proved to be a huge asset to the project. He has a natural talent for spoor tracking and is adept at radio tracking as well. His interest in and passion for all wildlife is clear. Cain has a wife and two daughters.

  • Akim Nemaringa

    Akim began his work in the wildlife sector in the Savé Valley Conservancy as a ranch scout in the early 1990s, where soon after he was employed as a tracker for the Lowveld Wild Dog Project (from which the work of the African Wildlife Conservation Fund expanded) working alongside our head scout, Rueben. Akim re-joined our team in February 2015 and very evidently has not forgotten his tracking skills or lost his bush knowledge! Akim grew up in one of our neighbouring villages, where he now lives with his wife and four children. His long-term knowledge and experience in wildlife tracking has made him an asset to the team and we are glad to have him back with us.

  • Heather Brand
    Conservation Biologist

    Heather is a born and bred Zimbabwean, whose passion for wildlife has taken her all over the world. She earned her degree in Wildlife Ecology from Lousiana State University, and her FGASA field guide certification in South Africa. She also represented Zimbabwe in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. She is presently living in the United States, though she maintains her unbounded enthusiasm for African wildlife, and continues to work with the AWCF on wildlife and education projects.


  • Stephanie S. Romañach, PhD
    USA Director

    Stephanie earned her doctorate in ecology from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She began her career as a research ecologist in 1997. Stephanie has worked on herbivore ecology in the United States, Southern Africa, and Eastern Africa, and carnivore conservation in Southern and Eastern Africa. She has worked with rural communities, private land owners, and governments on issues of human livelihoods and conflict with wildlife. Stephanie conducted wildlife research through the Mpala Research Centre in Kenya, and at the Savé Valley Conservancy in Zimbabwe. Stephanie now works on conservation issues in the Everglades in the U.S. She remains involved with AWCF and its projects.

    Stephanie Romañach’s Publications


  • Peter A. Lindsey, PhD
    Conservation Biologist
    Africa Director

    Peter was born in Zimbabwe and is a trained conservation biologist. Peter earned a degree in Biological Sciences at the University of Oxford, UK, and Masters and PhD in Zoology from the Mammal Research Institute, University of Pretoria, South Africa. Peter has 15 years of experience working in African wildlife conservation in Zimbabwe, South Africa and Kenya.

    Peter Lindsey’s Publications