• Lowveld Wild Dog Project

    Despite their beauty, enigmatic nature, and incredible social structure, African wild dogs are the most endangered large carnivore in southern Africa, facing local extinction in many areas. The Lowveld Wild Dog Project actively promotes and facilitates the conservation of this endangered species in Zimbabwe through a combination of management-driven research, hands on conservation, education and outreach, and policy intervention.

  • Addressing the Bushmeat Trade in SVC

    Illegal hunting for the bushmeat trade is emerging as one of, if not the greatest threat to wildlife populations in Africa. During recent years, Savé Valley Conservancy has been severely affected by illegal hunters who use snares to kill wildlife for meat to eat or sell. Snares are unselective, cruel and wasteful. AWCF supported a major study on the threats posed by the bushmeat trade, and is assisting SVC with their program to address the underlying causes of the problem, and to protect wildlife from poachers.

  • Gonarezhou Predator Project

    The Gonarezhou National Park in southeast Zimbabwe is a key part of the Greater Limpopo Transfrontier Park with major conservation potential. The Gonarezhou Predator Project aims to establish and improve the conservation status of the five large carnivore species (lions, leopards, African wild dogs, cheetahs and hyenas) in this spectacular National Park.

  • Education and Outreach

    Education and community involvement and support are critical to successful long-term conservation. AWCF works throughout Zimbabwe’s southeast Lowveld to establish long term, sustainable environmental education projects in communities surrounding key wildlife areas.