The African Wildlife Conservation Fund (AWCF) is a non-profit organization, incorporated in the U.S., that provides funding for field-based conservation projects in southern Africa. The Fund receives contributions from institutions and individuals, and all funding goes directly toward supporting active projects. Senior staff do not receive stipends.

Donations to the fund are tax-deductible.
Federal Identification Number 26-0571535

Rosemary and Stephanie setting up a camera trap (Photo credit: Ingo Winzer)

Donations pay for direct project costs, such as wages for local trackers and staff, supplies and equipment, including radio collars, GPS devices, binoculars and dart guns. We also provide support for our local students, for the projects of visiting Western students, and for the conservation efforts of local community groups.

The African Wildlife Conservation Fund raises money to support specific projects that can effectively and successfully provide the greatest conservation value. Because we are a small organization, administration costs are nominal and money goes straight to the needs on the ground. Donors can support our activities in general, or can choose to support specific projects. We are grateful to everyone who can help us advance the important cause of wildlife conservation.

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Misheck and Peter radio-tracking wild dogs (Photo credit: Belinda Serata)